What we do

Warwick Relief in Need

The Warwick Relief in Need Charity gives grants to those persons living in the Town of Warwick who are in need of assistance generally.

Examples include the provision of white goods, carpets, certain items of furniture etc.  Assistance is sometimes offered to families direct in order to pay for school trips or uniforms.

It provides grants to applicants which are normally received from either the Social Worker, Citizens Advice Bureau or some other body dealing with a particular applicant.

Applicants must live within the boundaries of the town of Warwick (CV34).

Forms may be obtained by clicking “Application Form” or from:

C E R Houghton Esq,

Messrs Moore & Tibbits, Solicitors,

34 High Street


CV34 4BE

Registered Charity Number 256447


From a young woman suffering from chronic pain

“This is the best news, thank you so much – this is so much appreciated, no more concrete floor ………” when the Trustees agreed to carpet her home.

From Lord Leycester Hospital

“I have received the wonderful advice that Warwick Relief in Need have agreed to make a further donation of £10,000 to us towards the capital works project”

From another lady leaving a domestic abuse situation with one bag of belongings

“Ms …….. is so very grateful to the Trustees for carpeting her lounge and bedroom. She suffers with many health issues and the concrete floors were only adding to her stress being cold and noisy and creating dust. Your grant has made such a difference ……….”

Cooker, Fridge/Freezer and bed

Cooker, Fridge/Freezer and bed for a single adult mother with two dependent children.

From Armonico Consort

“Thanks once again for your help in securing funds for our work with people living with dementia in Warwick”

From a victim of domestic abuse recently moved to Warwick

“I cannot thank the Trustees enough for helping me and my family with furniture for our new home in Warwick. It has made such a difference to me and my three young children”

Carpets fitted

Carpets fitted to a Housing Association property following damp proofing work for a single mother with a young child. The property had no carpets due to damp issues.

Defibrillator Box at Westgate Primary

Defibrillator Box to replace vandalised box at Westgate School to enable children, staff and residents of Warwick to have continual access to a defibrillator close to the centre of Warwick.

The charity gives grants to those persons living in the Town of Warwick who are in need of assistance generally.